Greenhouse build

Finished  benches, and sink with tile top, we kept the design very simple and we added river Rock and tiles to the floor after we put fabric block underneath, not one weed has come though😀

Bench construction (painting the wood was not fun), we used a deck paint for longer lasting and water resistant. Used a semi sheer first but it was way to runny and did not have the coverage we wanted, so went back with solid and it worked out great.  I believe we used a water based paint. Water lines and drain for sink installed as well as two electrical outlets.


Last year we built the greenhouse, Grandio Ascent 8×12


7 thoughts on “Greenhouse build

    • Thank you so much! This is just the beginning ,we have got great plans! This is just one part of our yard, that is constructed as we are slowly working on way across the yard. I will have the garden of my dreams! Hope to get more folks interested in the site and I hope everyone comes along for the ride😀🌺😀


  1. We have a Grandio also – 8×16 – though it’s not plumbed. Where did you get your shade cloth? Ours will go over 100º quite easily.


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