Updates on past construction.

Being so much activity has happened in the last year and a half I can’t in one day give all the detailed information on the greenhouse build the raised beds the size of the garden etc. however I will be adding information regarding these items going forward.

My objective for the Spring 2016 is to keep you updated with detailed information about daily activities in the garden. I will be posting additional photos  to show you what I’ve been up to in the past several weeks. Some changes were made on the outside beds to deal with a wet area that the whole yard seems to drain into. Also I’m ashamed to say that I completely let those nice new flowerbeds on the outside of the fence go totally neglected and filled with disgusting weeds. I have been working over the last several weeks to correct this.

I have so many great ideas we will be starting shortly, and the greenhouse is totally filled with baby seedlings just itching to get planted, it’s going to be a super great spring!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to leave me a comment.



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