Cold greenhouse


To solve the dilemma of bringing plants that we need to overwinter in and out of the garage I took the plunge and purchased this pop up greenhouse.

It’s much more sturdy than it might appear to be and it’s in a very well insulated area between my greenhouse and the fence, the manufacturer provided some metal stakes that go all around the bottom to give it more stability so it stays in place. You can see the plants are still pretty green in there and they have been all winter. The only thing I need to do is open the door  during the day because it gets awfully hot in there. there is also a door exactly the same on the back. When I’m done with it for the season, it folds back down for storage.  So cost-effective when you don’t have to buy the same plants again when the season starts . I have some citrus in here a peach tree, Mandevilla’s, just to name a few works perfect for us!


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