New bed, maybe…..

So now with the “garbage hiding fence” in place, I’m thinking of adding another of these to the other newly created corner

I also want to add a new bed to the front of the fence and add my two potted white and pink mandevilla. This is the wet area in our yard, so I have to think about what I can put in the ground, if anything at all. The other problem we have with this area are roots from a big tree just on the other side of the fence, it makes digging there virtually impossible.

This area is going to look super. I plan on adding two decorative hanging planters – I think  I may go with nasturtium and maybe pineberry. I have a plant soon on order, might be a Great way to grow them vertically.


The hottest trend in the strawberry world right now is the Wonderful Pineberry Strawberry. Your fruit patch will take on an exotic flavor thanks to the Pineberry’s white skin and red seeds. But the looks are only part of this plant’s appeal. Close your eyes, bite into a fresh fruit, and you’ll think you’re tasting a pineapple. This new miracle of the hybrid world will have jealous neighbors flocking to your garden for a look and into your kitchen for a taste.

I also have my other nice green pots in the cold greenhouse (will tell you about that next), and I’m going to add them in these beds too. Last year I purchased a pack of concrete stain, about 12 different colors to stain concrete.

I have been itching to dye those balls you see in the picture, I think I’m going to have to try it very soon.


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