Cattle Panel – Oh Yeah!

If your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life. ….Bill Watterson


This is a fantasy of mine….



Been seeing a lot of posts for cattle panel arches to grow gourds, cucumbers, melons, etc. on and I just had to try one in the garden. They are really simple to make however getting them to your house can pose a problem if you don’t have a truck. Thankfully we have great neighbors, and we got help getting ours home yesterday.

This is the one we got……

This is how you load it in your truck.


We just used a few bungee cords hooked on to the cattle panel and the truck and it was secure, no problems, no bending it worked out fine.

Attaching it to the raised beds…….

My husband used two pieces of scrap wood the same length as the bed and nailed them in place all across, he than added a second row for added security. We may add some rebar to all four sides for added stability, will post more on this as we go along. I’m just so happy we got one!

I will be planting :

Ornamental Squash

Acorn squash

Cantaloupe – honey bun

watermellon – sugar baby



Still thinking about the final selection. I have all the plants already growing in the greenhouse. I realize mine probably won’t look anything like the fist picture, but I am hoping to get these babies, hanging through the trellis. At some point they will need slings to support, I will talk more about this as the season progresses.

Such an exciting project, very cheap materials the cattle panel cost us $20.00, and we had the wood, and it’s easy put together, with a little help from another person.  If this one works out I will be adding another next season, these would look wonderful with flowers too.

This one is probably more realistic, but I still love it, can’t wait to see what happens!






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