Pallets……gotta love them!

Everyone wants instant everything, and they want instant success, but I always think you should treat things in the arts like a garden, and let them grow…..Penelope Keith

I am constantly doing research relating to gardening, from landscape design, garden bed ideas,inspiration and creativity. I love do-it-yourself projects which of course for me means honey do it for me projects . 😇

I came across several living wall type projects some using pallets some were built from just regular wood. I showed my husband A few videos yesterday morning and by the afternoon, we came up with the following. Our rustic redneck Planter of sorts ha,ha. I’m still deciding if I should leave it the natural color or paint it. We are just going to let it be for now and see how it growns on us and to see how the plants do. If worse comes to worse we will just take all the innards out, paint it and just use it as a nice little outdoor table.We always seem to need something in that to area to put our keys,beer or glass of wine,tools or whatever when we were outside. I Think if we go that route I would use a deck paint to keep it better protected from The outside elements..

Just you’re plain old every day ugly pallet.

We started by removing the slats on the back, you have to decide which side you like better, we had one perfect side so we used the other side to remove the slats. You might have to saw the old slats in half and then pull them by hand, it’s pretty tough to get out the nails, they were rusted in. Basically what we did after we removed those back panels was double up weed cloth and just staple it throughout the (bottom) whole back, make sure you cover the sides too,cutting off the excess mesh when necessary. try to leave at least a little bit extra to staple along the tops.We then used the scraps from the slats we cut off and cut them in half and hammered them to all the sides to better hold the weed cloth in place. We than used another double layer of weed cloth at the top portion and stapled it on creating a pocket.


We used some leftover picket fence wood to make a new back (cut off the top of the posts first) and hammer everything in place. You don’t have to have the wood butt right up against each other you can space it more or less like the front,actually you could use this as a two-way living wall but I just choose to do the front because I have it against the house. You also need to build a wood base for the bottom which is basically just a piece of wood a little wider,say about an inch all around then the planter and just nail it on to the bottom of the planter. Make sure you drill some holes across the length for water to drain. For the top, we made it 2 inches wider along all four sides. There is no science to this, we just figured it out as we went along. Just go with what you like visually and what proportions look good to you. I went over everything with the pretty rough sandpaper first and then we used the hand sanding machine. After all the pallets been outside and the sandpaper cleaned it up really well.

Don’t mind the puppy under the table he needs to help with everything!

imageThe final result……….

We think it came out pretty cool, hope the plants survive because we were kind of squishing them in there more than I would have liked to. We used about a large bag and a half of organic potting soil to fill , it’s a pretty narrow space, so it does not take all that much soil. What you have to do with a box cutter, is make a horizontal cut in the mesh towards the bottom on top of where the wood is and than make one vertical slit  at the center of the horizontal slit and push the dirt away to the best of your ability to help get the plant in there. I found that by getting a small garden fork and tapping away a lot of the dirt around the root ball helps get it in easier. Also, before you put your top on, give it a good soaking with water so the dirt doesn’t fall out when you make these cuts.

So there you go, this is my rustic living wall. I think my husband’s gonna make some holes in the top for easy watering, will let you know what we come up with. We should have put some drip lines, in there leading to the outside, so we could have attached a hose to it for easy watering BEFORE we closed it up, but hey nothing is perfect, you live and learn. It’s going to be interesting to see when the plants grow  and how they fill in. Working in the garden is such an interesting experience, plants are amazing and what they look like one day is certainly not what they could look in the future, it’s one of the things I love about gardening.


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