Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same. Helen Keller

So our new garden beds, fence and living wall are done, and ready to decorate with planters, flowers and it’s going to look just super! I’m thinking two hanging baskets on the fence as I mentioned before,will be good probably nasturtium and Pineberry. As for the shorter new fence, I’m going to mount a trellis on it and add clematis. I have a good variety  “General Sikorski” which is supposed to grow good in containers, and of course I must match it with something yellow. I love how the purple/yellow combination look together. We will also be adding several other green pots with an assortment of flowers and greens to make this area pop. I also want to put something on the wall on top of the new shabby chic living wall that my husband built  (probably something with flowers in it). I am not going to keep the pansies when it starts to warm up, I want to put some Evergreen type shrubs in those beds maybe a sky pencil Holly in the back of each bed, or something similar, plus lots of perennials and annuals for a beautiful showstopping feast for the nose and eyes.😀

Keeping the birdbath and will be adding some suet feeders on the tree, we must not forget our fine feathered friends!


General Sikorski Clematis, so very pretty.


Yesterday was a busy day in the garden. I got the first of four climbing roses planted in the ground woohoo! Can’t wait to watch it grow. My hope is to have it climb up the fence and up and over the trellis. The variety is climbing night owl which grow 10-14 feet!

Night Owl


I am thinking that I may pair it with  something yellow like a yellow Rose (Scent from above) , which I have on order, it grows 8-10 feet.


I also have yellow honeysuckle called Scentsation on the way,which I think may also be nice against the dark purple flowers. This variety of honeysuckle is supposed to be very fragrant and it also grows to about 10 feet.


Decisions, decisions, decisions!

My squash want out!

Got a baby squash growing and buds all over the place. Can’t wait to get them on the cattle panel trellis!

So happy my Superbells – lemon slice are growing back. I have flowers! I purchased these last year and it’s just so nice when you don’t have to buy plants over and over again. I want dig these up and move them to a better pot and to also see if I could separate them, to make more plants. I really love the flower, so pretty and they bloom forever .


My marigold are getting ready to bloom soon…..yay spring!


These are just a few things that that have been going on in the garden and greenhouse. Today is going to be another busy day. Yesterday I also finished cleaning up all my raised beds. I will post a pic tomorrow. The beds are now ready for some soil amendments and then we can plant all our babies. I believe we should be ok for planting within the next two weeks, keeping fingers crossed. I have been acclimating my greenhouse plants slowly, but starting today I will be adding more outside (it’s a pain because I have so many). I am going to start to empty out the cold greenhouse because those plants are pretty much acclimated because there is no heat in there. This way, I can add the greenhouse plants in there, it’s going to act as a “cold frame” until they are ready to finally be able to make it outside full time, before planting, such an exciting time of year!


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