Accumulation of plants and more

I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow….David Hobson


Yesterday I had many of the plants scattered around the yard trying to get them accumulated to being outside. Honestly, I pretty much kept them out the entire day because the greenhouse temps were around 90-92, so it was cooler outside in the shade. I will do the same today to a batch of different ones. I weed wacked all the weeds growing around my raised beds and around some plants in the yard. I really want to get rid of all the grass in the greenhouse/raised bed area and put down some sort of pavers and gravel, maybe next season. I also took some plants out of the cold greenhouse and left them out overnight because they are pretty much accumulated. The Mandevilla, looks exceptionally well considering it was locked up in a cold greenhouse all winter, and I watered them very little. They are growing and the leaves are beautifully glossy and a nice green. go figure, plants are amazing.


Also trimmed all my roses. I had black spot on the one on the right and sprayed it all down the other day with neem, I don’t know if it was the right thing to do but I pruned off all of   those effected leaves, I also sprayed some neem on the soil around the plant to kill any fungus that may be lurking around. Also gave it a good drink of water mixed with some epsom salt. It looks pretty good now.



IMG_3891I have to try and locate the tags on this and the one above with the black spot so I know what variety they are!

Palm, was really large last year and I didn’t know if was alive before I started pruning it. I’m  glad to see it is!

IMG_3893Our bottle brush is doing just great, it just loves the location we put it in last year and it’s growing super fast. We have lots of buds on it and I can’t wait to see them bloom. This is one of my favorite plants.


These are the only two plants I have in all the raised beds at the moment, My rosemary and Lavender from last year. I will be moving them, I think to the new “herb garden” bed we made outside the kitchen door.

Ok this has nothing to do with gardening. This is my Muscovy duck, well he isn’t really mine, but we sort of adopted him after his mate was killed, so sad. She had a broken wing from probably being hit by a car. She was surviving though and I think maybe a dog or some night creature got her because she couldn’t fly away . We found her floating in the pond and Mr. Muscovy duck was like pecking at her, as if he was trying to wake her up. My husband fished her out of the pond and I feel he is waiting for her to come back, I feel so sad for him. He comes and lands on our little dock every night and he lets me get within inches of him (if only he would let me pet him). For some reason we only got the two this year, we usually get more. We have plenty of Wood Ducks and Canada Geese and many other water fowl. The last two pictures are of the Mrs. R.I.P

One last non gardening thing. Sunset was beautiful last night! See Mr. Muscovy and my dog Thurman – a crazy lovable Cairn Terrier (Think Toto,The Wizard Of Oz)

IMG_3066Today I need to transplant a lot of seedlings growing together, partially because I want them to grow larger and not fight for space and the other is because we have a plant swap in my sub-division and I want to be able to give some plants away. Got a late start this morning, so gotta run. More tomorrow :>)



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