Planting and other exciting things.

Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
and the soil and sky as canvas…. Elizabeth Murray

Yesterday was a very good day in the garden. I amended all the soil in the raised beds using about 10 large bags of organic compost and than added earthworm castings to all the beds and watered it in. Got quite a sunburn (it was around 80 degrees here) and boy is my back sore today!

Cleanup is certainly coming along.

I planted out my Trug  with two Fairy Tale eggplants, two sweet peppers and a couple of carrots and fennel. Along the sides I added some dwarf Marigold and in the front a few different varieties and colors of Nasturtium. The eggplant seeds were from last year and I did not have success with them (I planted them out too late), so I have high hope this year, they look amazing.


All-America Selections winner. Tender, plump and sweet, these luscious-looking mini marvels are little jewels of delicious creamy flavor. The short, slender fruits make tasty conversation pieces, with their beautifully marbled purple and white tones. In clusters of six fruits, the mini eggplants 4-5″ x 1″ grow on prolifically branching compact plants. Perfect for growing in containers.


Everything looks so tiny now but I’m sure this is going to fill in nicely. I will probably have to add some support to the back row of plants at some point. Sooner than later is probably going to be best. There is a mesh zippered cover that goes on the black plastic skeleton  to help keep out pests, but I need the bees to be able to get in there to pollinate, so I will leave it off for awhile.

I also planted another Sugar Baby watermellon and a cucumber on a trellis. I want to have them in several places around the garden, so I can tell which area they grow best in.


This may or may not work out, but I am learning as I go along.


Got to clean up my poor Banana Tree and give it some fertilizer (as soon I find out which one is best for Banana). We have several baby shoots coming up! I hope there are no hornets in there, they have been out and about looking for places to make hives and  I saw one buzzing around yesterday – yikes!


I must figure out what I’m going to do with this Passionflower vine. It was growing and taking over everything last year. I need to find a good support for it to climb on. I may move it. I’m thinking about options and will revisit this at a later date.

So,today I plan on planting some Tomato, more Squash, Bok Choy and Collards. My lettuces are still rather small, but I want to get them planted before it gets too hot. I really want to get the veggies done and than concentrate on flowers!



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