Planting happenings

Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade….Rudyard Kipling

Been busy, busy, busy…..

Finally got around to planting my onions, which were previously growing in separate small pots, to get them going before I was able to get them out.  They look a bit of a mess, will see how they grown. Onions are a first for me.


Planted my two strawberry. There are about six in here and I planted them towards the front, leaving the back empty. Once I start to get baby plants hanging. I will root them and add them to the back portion of the planter. I am looking forward to keeping these alive in the greenhouse over winter. It would be a hoot to have strawberries in the winter months.

IMG_2766Planted my St. Joseph  Coat rose on the other side of the trellis. I think it will look good with the dark purple of the Night Owl rose.

Whiskey barrel all planted with some assorted colors of Morning Glory, white Moon Flower and several red Cardinal Climber vines, these are a first for me, hope they do well.


Got one bed done, boy it’s hard trying to figure out what goes where. I have never created a entire flower bed before. I am going with higher in back, medium on side and smaller front and center. My beds are about 3-4 feet in width.

IMG_2771Starting from back left – Love lies bleeding – dk. red. Cornflower – purple. Zinnia – orange/coral. Echinacea – yellow. Zinnia-Green/lime. Balsam – mixed.

In the corner on the green trellis is several red Cardinal Climber’s

Front row from left – Sea Holly – purple. Blanket Flower – Orange. Dally – mixed. Trigrida – mixed. Iris – purple

Will  be back tomorrow with more. I want to get out early before it gets hot. It’s been in the 80’s here for the past 7 days – yikes!


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