Building the garden – Garden Happenings

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece….Claude Monet


I think I’m going to add “building the Garden” to the site more, because that is exactly what is going on. We have all the hardscape in, now I have to add my own personal stamp by building up the beds with veggies and beautiful flowers.Adding garden decorations, etc. My main objective is to be able to get some good harvests with the fruit and veggies and to also attract birds, bees and hummingbirds!

Yesterday was exciting! I had several squash blossoms open, so I was able to pollinate my female flower. This is how I did it. Hope it worked.

Did another one today!

IMG_2785Oh no something is eating my Bok Choy – snails or slugs I suspect. I first tried using cooled coffee sprayed on the leaves but that did not do the trick. There was more signs of munching the following day.  I put down some slug & snail bait to hopefully fix this problem.



Finally warm enough to take out my Frangipani, which I just adore! I have grown these when I lived in NY and had them in their natural state when I lived in Hawaii. Last year I ordered one online (I think from Stokes Tropicals). It was just a stick about a foot or so long. It had an amazing amount of growth in one year. I’d say the Frangi is now about 3 feet tall. The flowering picture is how it looked last year. Love those beautiful pink and yellow blooms!

Kept it simple with the spice garden and decided to put it in these planters outside my kitchen door. Have Basil, mint and spearmint (found these still growing in my raised beds, so transplanted them here. Strawberry, Nasturtium, which look great on salads. Cilantro and parsley. These are what we use the most, will see how it fills in. I think it will look great when the Nasturtium and strawberry fall over the sides.


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