Building the garden – Oh wow!

OMG, this just made my day yesterday afternoon! We have a lot of turtles in the pond, but I still don’t know how this little guy got in my yard. Maybe there is a nest somewhere?

I used to volunteer to search for sea turtle nests when I was living in Hawaii.  The nests had to be marked and monitored until they were ready to hatch. Sometimes all the babies can’t make it to the top of the nest and they need human help to get out. It was quite an adventure to be on the beach at night looking  for their tracks. I did manage to see a huge sea turtle climbing up on a sand dune one night, looking for a place to lay her eggs, she was there for awhile but could not find a place, so she went back into the ocean. She will be back trying again somewhere else.  I also got to see several nests excavated and I actually held a tiny sea turtle in my hand. It’s amazing how the babies have a natural instant to go directly into the sea.

Sigh…This was a wonderful experience I will never forget.

My husband left him in there with a little bit of water and we started moving planters. I was going to put him back by the water but when I came back about 15 minutes later he was gone! I looked around but could not find him. I hope he made it back to the pond, which is directly behind my house at the back of our yard.


Took out all the potted plants we had in the greenhouse and cold house yesterday. I had many of them scattered around the garden and was glad to get them all out of there. I will trim and give them fertilizer to get them off to a good start. One of my citrus has flowers, go figure!

Remember, saving your plants from the previous year/s, saves tons of money!


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