Building the Garden – some updates

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments…. Janet Kilburn Phillips

Had some rainy days recently and just now have a chance to post some updates on things that are growing as of yesterday.

Got some Zucchini, cucumber and squash growing – yay! The Potato’s are growing like weeds. Hope we have a good crop!

Finished planting all the inside beds – will post pictures for next time. I am now starting to clean up once again, the outer bed – such a pain in the neck! We finally bought weed cloth and straw mulch (this is the most popular mulch in the South), so we will continue with that later on today.

I continue to fight with aphids and snails/or slugs on my Bok Choy and Kale. The aphid problem started in the greenhouse when the plants were seedlings. I once again sprayed them with Neem and cut off all the really badly infected parts. Hopefully they will bounce back and continue to grow. I have to be diligent in this if I want to be successful in getting ride of these buggers!  There are also some pests lurking on some of my eggplants but I am looking at these plants more now, so I hope to be able to get control of these issues.


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