More on my new best friends!

Butterflies, bees our winged, happy friends Oh, to dance in the air and float on the breeze… ~ Terri Guillemets 

Yesterday I was doing more research on butterfly’s in my area of Charleston SC. I spent a few hours in the garden a couple of weeks ago on a warm, sunny fall day and was so surprised at the amount of different butterfly’s and moths fluttering about.

Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly I believe, having it’s way with my Cypress Vine – :>)


Red-Banded Hairstreak Butterfly on a Echinacea flower


Sachem Skipper


Long-Tailed Skipper  on a Justicia brandegeeana (Mexican shrimp plant). He was very pretty with his blue/green and yellow/orange back. He was superfast and hard to take a picture of. This was the best one I could get… Love the new IPhone 7 plus they take great pictures!


Last but by far my favorite to date! Found this beauty noshing away on my Fennel plant back in May. He was such a beautiful caterpillar I had to find out what he was and thank god for google…found out it was the caterpillar of the Black Swallow Tail Butterfly – OMG! I put him back on the fennel plant and check out the three short videos to see what happened – :>)



Here is a great picture of a Black Swallow tail, sadly it’s not mine and I only was able to see and appreciate his beauty for a very brief time that one morning .


Posting these made me smile today. More to come…..









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