Some new updates~Butterfly’s!

so I’ve been lazy about posting on the blog but I have not been lazy in the garden lots of nice changes. In keeping with my promise to myself to increase my chances of having butterflies and bees I am happy to say I am seeing success! I have planted a bed of fennel, with some parsley and dill and I just saw yesterday my first baby black swallowtail  Catapillar  on a fennel plant, WOOHOO!

The last picture is showing some eggs  that are about to hatch shortly. When the butterfly lays the eggs they’re clear to whitish but then they turn dark when the baby Catapillar is ready to emerge, so cool! Today it is just like raining on and off really heavy at times and I keep going out to check on him, poor baby he’s getting pelted with rain and I believe there might be one or two other babies that hatched though they really tiny I will report back. Yesterday also was waxing a female black swallowtail butterfly laying eggs on some of the Fennel plants so I was psyched to see that.

This is a cool little video I took a couple weeks ago see that swallow tail has made her presence known in my yard I love it!


OK so I just may be obsessed with Catapillar’s/black swallowtail butterfly’s/and stuff like that but I just can’t help but be fascinated by the whole process that these creatures go through . had I known what I know now when I was younger it would have definitely lead me on a different path professionally and I would imagine on a personal level, I am just at awe,it’s all totally captivating. With this said I will definitely dive into other aspects of gardening and nature and things of that sort give a little insight of things that worked and things that I’m trying. I like Posting these things not only to help whoever happens upon my blog but as a Diery of sort of my journey into the beautiful garden that my wonderful husband made for me!

















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